This page lists some links to Galleries showcasing Bryce artwork
and to Tutorials , sorted after the subject they cover.


I have tried to cover different categories of the wide spectrum of scenes you can create with Bryce
Some of the galleries are displays of the work of individual artists, but most accept submissions

Bryce ForumOne of the main and most impressive Bryce galleries
U&I SoftwareEric Wenger's site, incudes several galleries which all display striking examples of Bryce artwork
Webdancer's Bryce 3D websiteA beautyful site with wonderful artistry and poetry.
Peter SharpeLots of very good examples from different categories; good tutorials, too.
Digital BlasphemyAnother gallery with strict guidelines, but primarily for "wallpapers". There is also a kind of rating system, based on the number of downloads
Martin MurphyVery realistic landscapes created with Bryce, as well as other examples of digital art
www.lejczak.nuA dynamic page, where you also can get "instant" votes on the quality of your work
DigiFad Art GalleryAnother dynamic page, where you can share your work with others. You also might win an award!
4dwebfxA dynamic gallery, too. Submit your site and/or vote for the "artist of the month"! Offers aood links to models and other Bryce resources.
Flat Turtle's Bryce 3D GalleryA new Gallery, still growing
DragonTree Digital ArtsSpecialized in 3D digital fantasy art
3D CafeNot really a Bryce Gallery (although many very good 3D graphics are displayed), but an excellent source for free 3D Models

You will find lots (more than 600) of other links to various Bryce resources at this site:

Bryce Links

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Classified Tutorials

Some tutorials apply to Bryce versions higher than 2

The "Subject" links directly to the tutorial, the "Name" of the artist links to the homepage

Abstract ScenesFor colorful "abstracts". By Billy Scott (Lazziter)
Breaking wavesAdd some of those to your ocean! By Jim Cotton
ChainsHow to make nice chains by Peter Sharpe
Columns (Eqyptian)Create the perfect environment for your favorite mummy with this tutorial by Lann
CometsAnother useful tutorial by Peter Sharpe
CratersBasic "cratering" by Peter Sharpe
Dragon EyesEver wanted to create Dragon Eyes? Find ou how to do it with this tutorial by Calyxa
Falling snowEnhance your winter scene with snow from Peter Sharpe
Forest floorCreate an acceptable forest floor with this tutorial by Jonathan Ellen
Glass; breakingBreak it! By Peter Sharpe
GrassCreate "semi-realistic" grass with this tutorial by Ryan Pitts
LichenCover your favorite tree trunk with them. By Jonathan Ellen
Light rays (1)Create visible light rays. By Peter Sharpe
Light rays (2)Add "advanced" visible light rays to your scene. By Peter Sharpe
LightningEnhance your thunderstorm! By Jason King
Liquid in a glassBe your own barkeeper. By Brcycetech
MushroomsDon't leave your forest without them. By A. Kelly Steward
Ocean wavesTired of using endless plains for your oceans?. Then try this tutorial by Hirohumi Maruko
Pouring waterPour realistic looking water in your scene with this tutorial by Peter Sharpe
Splashing dropsJust an addition to the pouring water by me.
Space backgroundsThe perfect background for your starships. By The Gate to Antares
TreesThis tutorial explains how to make great looking trees using symmetrical lattice objects. By Calyxa
Tree trunks (background)Create tree trunks for "background" use. By Jonathan Allen
Tree trunks (complex)Make realistic looking tree trunks. By Jonathan Allen
Waterfalls (1)Create simple waterfalls with terrains. By Peter Sharpe
Waterfalls (2)Another good tutorial on how to add waterfalls to your scene. By René Lafrance

If you are looking for something that's not listed here, try this site:

Peter Sharpe

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