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You can download the following graphics for use as a wallpaper on your computer's desktop (they are 1024*768). Open the files by clicking on "high resolution", than, right-click and choose "save as". The files you download are in *.jpg format (only moderately compressed), so you will have to convert them into the *.bmp format for your use (but this way, the file sizes keep managable)

Arctic Night(69 KB)

high resolution

The Traveler (107 KB)

high resolution

White Water (105 KB)

high resolution

The Ant (131 KB)

high resolution

Medusa (189 KB)

high resolution

Flying Colors (102 KB)

high resolution

Cold (37 KB)

high resolution

Electric Blue (187 KB)

high resolution

You are permitted to download these images only for use as wallpaper on your personal computer.

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It seems, that many of the hits to my site come from bookmarks. If you want to keep informed about new images or other news, you might want to join my mailing list. Just use the form below!


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If you want to mail an electronic postcard, check the image you want to send to a friend, fill out the form below, press "send" and that's it!

Click on the thumbnail to see the full-size image (which will appear on the postcard).
If you want to see other images available for mailing as E-cards, please let me know!

Image 1
Mountain Morning

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4
The Temple

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